Bridal Jewellery – Essentials for a Bride

Weddings are easily among the most important events in a person’s life—especially brides-to-be. Every bride wants to be the most beautiful in their wedding day, and besides picking out the best wedding dress, they also have the task of selecting the right bridal jewellery to go with the entire look. Stylish and elegant jewellery can help accentuate your style and bring your exquisite look forward. Some pieces of jewellery bear much cultural significance or play an important part in the actual wedding ceremony. Jewellery pieces may likewise signify personal connections or mark personal milestones and symbolise a couple’s commitment to the journey ahead.

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When styling your wedding look with bridal jewellery, there are also essential tips that you should remember and consider, not the least of which is making sure not to overdo your choices. Think about essential pieces of jewellery that should go with your bridal attire. It is easy to go overboard with your jewellery choices, especially with all the beautiful jewellery items that could go well with your wedding dress. Resist the urge of wearing every piece in your bridal collection and consider switching pieces between the ceremony and the reception, if you are doing a dress change. This will help you showcase your best bridal jewellery without overdoing your look.

Choose pieces that match your dress perfectly. Although mismatched elements may also work, it is easy to get your accessories wrong if you don’t know how to wear them right with your dress. Another rule of thumb to follow is to choose jewellery for your dress instead of working the other way around. For a white bridal gown, silver or platinum jewellery are great, while ivory and champagne/creamy shades call for jewellery on the gold side of the metal pantone. When it comes to dressing style, certain necklines work well for certain types of accessories. V-neck gowns, for instance, can be adorned with a pendant to match the design of your earrings or perhaps a beautiful choker piece. Strapless dresses, on the other hand, work well with shorter necklaces, while halters call for beautiful headpieces.

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