Wedding Accessories to Pair Up With Your Wedding Dress

You have found the perfect wedding dress, now it is time that you pick the right accessories to go with it. These items will not just complete your look, as they can be a means to enhance your appearance or draw attention to certain aspects of your dress. Selecting the best wedding accessories can be challenging, but this guide can help make the process simpler and less stressful, especially for a bride. Take note of these pointers and suggestions:


bridal jewellery
  • Headpiece - This can be a tiara or a crown, a hair clip, hair pins, or an ornate comb. Choose something that will reflect your style. If you are uncomfortable with a certain headpiece or you think it does not suit you, then do not force yourself to wear it. More importantly, make sure that it will go well with your dress.
  • Sometimes, you can do away with the necklace – Necklaces can be tricky wedding accessories to wear because there are styles of dresses that do not go well with them. For instance, if the dress has a halter or it simply has a high neckline that covers all your décolleté, you may want to skip the necklace and go for statement earrings instead. You can also add a cocktail ring or a bracelet.
  • Bridal bag – Bridal bags can be an ornate evening clutch or a pouch-style purse. Opt for a small and compact bag that will not draw attention away from your dress and your overall look. Make sure you are comfortable carrying it, and put only essential things in it, such as a hanky, a small packet of tissues, lipstick, and your mobile phone. The bag must go well with the dress, too.
  • Remember: Less is more – Do not go overboard with the wedding accessories. Keep it simple. It is best to stick with a few important pieces than having an accessory on every part of you.

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