What Is New in Women’s Lingerie – Babydolls & Chemises, Honeymoon Lingerie and Corsets & Bustiers

Lingerie is not just for special occasions, like for your wedding night, an important date, or your anniversary. You can wear it on a daily basis or whenever you feel that you need a boost on your or self-esteem, or you simply want to look and feel sexy. Whether you are new to lingerie or you are looking to explore more styles, knowing its latest trends should help you find the perfect garments to buy and wear. Here is an overview of the latest styles and trends in women’s lingerie:

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  • Babydolls & chemises– Babydoll is a sleeveless & short nightgown that is cut at the bustline, close to the body. It has thin shoulder straps, and nipped in the waist, so it is looser from that point. This way, the cut can accentuate your thighs & minimises your waistline, making it a great choice for lingerie if you want to draw attention from your waist.

    Like babydolls, the chemise is a sleeveless nightgown with thin shoulder straps, but they follow your body’s shape a little bit closely at the hips and bust. Moreover, unlike the babydoll, chemises can be at any length. They are usually purchased with matching panties, too. Both babydolls and chemises are made of delicate materials, like satin, silk, and chiffon. The best styles come with ribbon or lace, bows, and ruffles.
  • Honeymoon lingerie – Bridal lingerie is usually white to represent the bride’s ‘innocence’ or ‘purity’. However, you can always break tradition and choose other colours and styles for your honeymoon. It can also be in the style of a babydoll or a chemise. Just make sure that it will make you feel sexy, comfortable, and confident.
  • Corsets and bustiers – The difference between these two is that the corset cinches the waist to accentuate the curve of your bustline and hips, and the bustier boosts the breasts. The bustier is like a fancy bra with built-in shapewear that will smooth your midsection, while uplifting your breasts. They come in different styles and colours, so you are not just limited to neutral and traditional colours, like black, white, or nude. Some of them are ornate and intricately designed, so they can be worn over clothing.

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